The State of SVO: Brigade Week 5

State of SVO week 5
This week of SVO concludes the open weeks of the season. The format played over the weekend was Rotation. We have seen the Brigade meta develop over the past weeks and it is time to say goodbye. With the mini expansion now live the metagame as we know it will likely shift drastically.

Pam Standings

EU Standings

In the future weeks of SVO we will be moving to a Top 8 bracket for the Brigade of the Sky. The players we see in top 8 fought hard for their positions here. The games we will have in future weeks will be played by the true veterans of the format.

pam week 5 statsClass popularity in PAM: Out of 76

EU week 5 stats.pngClass popularity in EU: Out of 64
Forestcraft: Featured deck piloted by ECHO CureMango:

86% of players took Forestcraft this week. Forest have reigned as king for weeks on end. It is hard to say if the mini expansion will hurt forest’s overall performance. Though Forest has been dominant for so long we are also seeing a shift in Forest. Decks that rely on Korwa and White Vanara have been gaining popularity. Perhaps as a counter to all of the aggressive forests being played recently.

Havencraft:   Featured deck piloted by ECHO CureMango:          

68% of players took Haven  over the weekend. Decks that play Summit Temple, Tenko’s Shrine and everything in between seem to be the most dominant ways to play the class. Haven  has multiple archetypes, all of which are great at different things. The mini expansion will need to do alot to shake Haven out of the top 3 classes.

Portalcraft: Featured deck piloted by DIS. Himari:
61% of players took Portal over the weekend making it the 3rd most popular class for the event. Puppet’s have proven their worth as a mainstay of the format since the first week of Brigade.  With cards like Silva and Nicholas and Paracelsus the deck got the push it needed to be a top dog. Moving into the mini expansion puppets will be getting Cucouroux, Green Gunsmith. This card will likely make Puppet Portal’s early turns stronger and thus be a boon to portal.

During DawnBreak NightEdge the mini expansion had a larger effect than anyone expected. Because of this I do not want to make any predictions as to what we may see in the early weeks of Brigade part 2. Many of the new cards look exciting and as though they may be able to breath new life into some of the formats more forgotten classes. We will have to wait until the next State of SVO to see what these new cards will change.


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