The State of SVO Week 2

This weekend was the second week of the Shadowverse Open. This was a Special weekend for 2 reasons:
1) This week South East Asia has one of their 3 Opens (Rotation Format)
2) PAM and EU played Take 2

Before we talk about take two I would like to break down what happened in the SEAO Rotation Metagame.

                                                               Overall Stats of SEAO


Total players this week in SEAO: 126

How many players took Forestcraft?    87 / 126 or 69% 52% Win Rate

This weekend Forestcraft boasted the highest win rate at 52%. This falls in line with my predictions from last week. The nerfs to Swordcraft and Havencraft had some strange effects on this weeks metagame but we will get into that later. What is important to note here is that while Forestcraft had the highest win rate this week it was barely over 50%.

How many players this week took Swordcraft?        86 / 126 or 68% 51% Win Rate

The nerfs to Swordcraft did not change too much this week. Swordcraft clocked in as the second most played class just like last week but its play rate dropped by a small 3%. Interestingly enough last week I predicted that the nerfs to Swordcraft would only make the Sword Vs Forest match up better for forest but this week Forestcrafts worst matchup was Swordcraft with the matchup being 56% for Swordcraft.

How many players this week took Portalcraft?      78/126 61% 50% Win Rate

This week Portalcraft makes its way into the top 3 classes. Portal was already pretty popular last week so it is not too surprising that after dodging nerfs it made its way to the top 3. Out of the 2 versions of Portalcraft Puppets preformed much better than its Artifact counterpart getting 6 copies into the top 8 with only 1 Artifact making its way to the top 8.

                                                                     SEAO TOP 8


This week the 3 most popular classes absolutely dominated the top 8. We The top 8 metagame was controlled by strong Mid Range decks that if given a chance can beat down incredibly hard. Moving into future weeks it will be very important to bring decks that can compete with these style strategys if you want to be successful.

The most interesting thing about this week is how close all of the class win rates were. Last week we saw a difference of 40% between the most successful and least successful deck of the weekend. This week however the difference was only 6%. This can be due to a few factors, the most outstanding being the Recent nerfs shaking things up. It is also possible that the SEAO Metagame has developed differently than the PAM / EU metagames did and this may be causing these widely different win rates. I am very interested to see if this trend continues in PAM / EU next week.

                                                                  PAM / EU Take 2

Take 2 is always an interesting beast. The format doesn’t get too much attention in the competitive scene and due to this the format has a lot more opinion than it does hard fact. The format has tons of nuance to it and allows the player to draft closer to their own play style.

This week in the Top 8 was heavily represented by 2 classes in both EU and PAM. Out of 23 games (46 total class picks):

Portal was picked 14 times and won 8 times leaving it with a 57% win rate.

Dragon was picked 12 times and won 7 leaving it with a  58% win rate.

Falling further behind is Runecraft 6 picks and 3 wins giving it a 50% win rate.

Haven was taken 5 times and won 2 times giving it a 40% win rate.

After Haven we really start scraping the bottom of the barrel with swordcraft being taken 4 times. Of these games it won 1 time leaving it with low 25% win rate and an even smaller sample size.

This leaves us with 5 more picks. Of these picks they were all split pretty evenly between Forest Blood and Shadow. Cumulatively they had a 40% win rate.

The players in Take 2 clearly had classes in mind they wanted to take. Dragon and Portal made up over 50% of the picks this time around making them clear winners this SVO.

The graphs used were provided by XiaoKen. You can find his tier list here:

Written by HSK Szerro

The state of SVO will be a weekly article during the SVO Season

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